I’m not just on YouTube but I’m on TikTok 🎉🎉🎉

Hey my beautiful ghosties! It’s been a long time! This pandemic sucks, couldn’t go ghost hunting, couldn’t do much of anything! One thing I did a lot of was, work on me! I also met my guides/angels doing meditation every day (that saved my life!) journaling and I’m on my second awakening. I found tarot cards and took too them like a duck on water! I’m really good at it I must say lol! My intuition or (my bonjovi feelings, long story at another date!) are sharper. I just get feelings that something is going to happen like when I was a kid about 18 me and my friends were buying tickets to see Bonjovi and when I held my ticket I had a flash and knew we were going to meet them. Well months later we went to the concert and I forgot about what I saw and after the concert we went cruising on the strip and I hear in my head go to Caesars Palace ! So I told my friend to turn in Caesars Palace’s parking. We go into the casino entrance and I walk all the way in the back where there are empty tables. My friends are going what are we doing? I say,”we are waiting right here.” Ten seconds later here comes John Bonjovi and basically walked right towards us they all freeze up so I just say,” Hi John introduced myself talked about jersey because I’m from rockland county New York and knew where I was from. He signed my ticket and my friends were to chicken so I got them their autograph! Wow squirrel moment! TikTok is what I wanted to talk about!

It’s only been a few months and I’m up to 1400+ so I can go live, but haven’t yet because I’m a chicken 💩! I want to do some free mini readings to help others and introduce myself and talk about paranormal investigations and astrology. I want to have them see how I read and want a full reading or want there natal charts done! And book a appointment for one! I have an amazing support system on TikTok! Thank you Lord for directing me here!❤️🤗😘


I think this is the link but that my username com check me out! Much love to you all!

Vegasghostgirls & TikTok

Hey ghosties I’m expanding and now on TikTok. Here I post our investigations, our family 4-wheeling adventures and our goofiness, and since I reached over a thousand followers I now can go live and I intend to do live tarot readings for a personal private reading I charge $25 on my TikTok lives I do mini readings for $5-$10! These are 4 and 5 card pulls. My link is TikTok.com/@vegasghostgirlspi so come on over let’s hang out and have a blast! To get the mini readings you must be following me!


Hey Ghosties! I am announcing that we have started a Patreon page and would love for you to come join the family on Patreon.com/vegasghostgirls. Hope to see you there, we are doing investigations and tarot and astrology. So if that peaks your interest, I’ll see you there!

Hey Ghosties!!

Its been a while but I’m back!

Well It’s been a while since my last investigation which was in Kingston NY at my cousins house. Shit was going down! If you want to go see the video its on YouTube@ Vegasghostgirls Paranormal Investigators. Since then I have been reading Tarot cards and am getting pretty good at it. I’m thinking about adding my readings to YouTube. Now I combine astrology with the tarot readings. I am an empath and I also was raised with my mother doing astrology charts all my life so I know quite a bit of it myself. Now if you want your natal chart done Just let me know prices are different. 


Tarot readings and Astrology

First read is free for a limited time! 30 minute readings $25.00/ Natal charts $50.00