Getting excited

Well just days away and we will be investigating the town of Pioche Nevada! We will be going live on Facebook and TikTok, so be there or be square!👻👻👻

Pioche update

We had to reschedule our investigation until 8/12-8/14 because my sister is sick. So we Are doing it next weekend. See you there ghosties!🥰🤗👻👻👻

Pioche Nevada

Hey ghosties!👋 we are going to investigate a real ghost town it 172 miles from Las Vegas and we will be there for 3 days from August 5-7 2022! I can’t wait! We will be posting on here and on TikTok and Facebook and YouTube. So don’t miss out because we are staying in the most haunted room and hotel in the town! We will see you there… stay tuned…

Happy Sunday!!

Hi my ghosties! I hope you are having a joyful Sunday! I’m cooking a pot roast in the crockpot so dinner is done for tonight! Haven’t been ghost hunting because my sb7 isn’t working. Gotta get a new one! I do have a place to investigate and it’s a business, I will keep you updated on that! I just wanted to let you know what’s up and to spread a little bit of love and joy your way! God bless you all!🥰🤗😘👻👻👻

Happy memorial Day Special!

Happy Memorial day, even though it can be tough to get through this holiday after all the tragedy that is going on in the world, So I decided to do some Tarot readings for $15.00 that’s $10 off! and If you want a natal chart its $50 instead of $75! I do this on Zoom Or Messenger on Facebook if you are in my group with the same name. I hope you enjoy this day with your family alive and those on the other Side they are always with you!!